Artist Website Special!

For the rest of 2010, is offering 2 page sites for artists for only $199!  You pick the colors and just add your art, images or anything else you would like to showcase! The site will run on WordPress, the web’s preferred blog engine, which means that your site will be quickly picked up by Google, Bing and Yahoo. We’ll even throw in hosting and domain for FREE for the first year. Click here to purchase.

Fashion Inspired Web Design

After watching numerous “scripted” reality TV shows based on fashion, I had sort of an epiphany.  What if we based some of our designs on the current fashions? Take cutting edge designs as inspiration and turn them in to beautiful designs for the web! We’ll test out our theory and see how it goes. Every month we will create a new design which we will post here. This design will be for sale as a design for a website and it will be an original design, in other words, first come, first serve! Stay tuned for this month’s design. And who knows, maybe if it goes well, we’ll do more than 1 a month!

If you have any ideas, have questions about design, or just want to chat, feel free to contact us!

Anna Sui 2010 Fall

Anna Sui Fall 2010

One of my favorite fashion designers is Anna Sui. She always designs in her own unique style, without adhering to fashion standards. Her designs are always colorful, bright and have a fantasy quality about them. This month’s design is based on this Fall 2010 outfit. Let us know what you think!

View Anna Sui fashions.

Here is our Anna Sui inspired site designs. Let us know what you think!

Anna Sui Inspired Site Designs

Anna Sui Inspired Site Designs

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